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Build your own guitar

Come to the Vazquez Shop and have German teach you his guitar building process.   He will show you his old world style of hand crafting a classical guitar step by step.  You will learn how he selects wood, how to prep them for building, and how to work all the different tools.  You will experience all aspects of building a guitar from start to finish.  You will also get to take home a hand crafted instrument that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

     The course is four weeks and space is very limited.  We can help out of town students find accommodations (not included in the price of the course.)  Starting price for the course is $8000.00  


Flamenco Guitar Lessons
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Armand Arnazzi offers private flamenco guitar lessons at the Vazquez Shop by appointment.  Learn traditional flamenco palos like Bulerias, Soleares, Alegrias, etc.  Classes are taught in a traditional style, by example, so no need for books or music.   Students are welcomed to record the lessons to use at home.  Since lessons are by appointment then students can learn at their own pace.  It is recommended if you are a beginner to schedule a lesson once a week, more advanced students can schedule a lesson once or twice a month but it is up to the student to schedule their lessons.  All lessons are taught at the Vazquez Shop Monday - Friday 11:00am to 5:00pm.  Price per hour lesson is $75.00

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