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     The GVR Concert 635 model is a classical guitar with a 635mm scale length and a 51mm nut width.  German’s idea was to design a guitar that had several impressive and innovative features. 

     With regards to playability this model has a much smaller scale length and body size for people looking for the easiest reach and comfort.  Pieces that require long stretches are much more manageable and therefore a guitarist can concentrate more on musical expression rather than technique.  At the same time the guitar is not so small that it feels odd when switching from a standard size guitar. 

     German has compensated the specifications of the soundboard thickness and bracing system to give the Concert 635 a “big” sound.  Bell like trebles and rich deep basses come standard on this model and are the main reason for its current demand and success.

     The striking aesthetic features complete the spectrum of innovation on this model.  The stunning European flamed maple neck, back and sides, combined with a German spruce soundboard give the 635 Concert a very unique look.  German’s sandwich headstock design is functional as well as aesthetic.  The layers strengthen the headstock giving it much more resistance to shock as well as its most compelling visual feature.  Several subtle details like leopard wood on the back of the headstock and a snakewood heelcap complete this model and make this Vazquez Rubio guitar like no other in the world.



     German Vazquez Rubio's award winning Hauser Model has been a guitarist favorite for decades.  It was with this model that German won First Place in the Concurso Nacional de Constructores y Ejecutantes de Guitarras 2000.  German pays homage to legendary luthier Herman Hauser I  by choosing the classic Hauser aesthetic of the three arc headstock, flamed maple bindings and a herringbone patterned rosette.  What makes this model unique is German's signature bracing system and dimensional specifications.  German has fine tuned the specifications of this guitar from its inception, making the current design the finest version in its evolution. 

      The GVR Hauser Model has a very clean and clear sound as well as a romantic and refined tonal characteristic.   Distinct note separation across all strings generates a very pleasurable feeling when executing chords.  The clarity, combined with a very wide tonal palette, and wide bandwidth makes this guitar an incredibly versatile  and musical instrument.  German understands the difference between volume and projection and strives for optimal performance of both with this model.  Playability is one of the attributes a guitarist most values and the GVR Hauser Model also delivers here.  German implements properties of physics in his design that allow the guitarist to produce a higher dynamic range with less effort.  This allows for easier musical expression and less hand fatigue.   Lastly this model comes standard with luxury features such as a 20th fret, a seventh fret abalone shell fret marker, and a twelve hole tie block.  It is very easy to understand why this guitar has been a favorite of numerous concert artist and aficionados for so many years. 




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